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Chicago Musician/Producer Cites Classic Sounds as the Genesis of Funky New Track

CHICAGO, IL (March 19, 2015) Chicago musician and producer, Bardo, is doing them thangs in a creative way, delivering his signature fresh flow and elaborate arrangements in a new video and audio track entitled, “Do Them Thangs.” Out today, the new single and video are available at and SoundCloud (audio version).


The new single is the first piece of a euphonic puzzle Bardo is creating. After the release of his last full-length project, “Game Tape,” the charismatic artist made the decision to take a step back from actively recording to study some of the greats in black music. Upon researching classic soul, funk, reggae, blues and neo-soul music genres, and experimenting in the studio, he began to fall in love with earlier forms of black music outside of traditional hip hop. With his baritone voice and smooth delivery, Bardo is fusing everything he loves about these classic sounds with his expansive knowledge of hip hop and his unique, worldly perspective.


“I went back to albums that my parents loved when I was a young kid living in Japan like Omar’s ‘For Pleasure,’ ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,’ and ‘Street Songs’ by Rick James,” explained Bardo, who spent several of his formative years in Asia. “At the time, this music was too slow and mellow for my taste, but for my parents it represented comfort and familiarity in Japan’s seemingly homogenous society where we were obvious outsiders. I didn’t know it at the time but those songs would cement themselves deep into my memory and subconscious. So much so that fifteen years later, they produce emotions and reactions inside me that are so strong they’re almost impossible to control or explain.”


Bardo continues: “The Roots have the ability to take me back to being seven-years-old, sitting in the kitchen of my family’s apartment in Tokyo, looking out of the window at the casino across the street with the huge neon lights,” Bardo shares. “And Jill Scott and Erykah Badu’s music puts me back on my bike, riding past all of the older people washing laundry in Kawasaki, Japan.”


“Do Them Thangs” is a well-crafted nod to loose ends and not-so-clean breaks in relationships. On this project, Bardo surrounds himself with accomplished musicians including co-producer, James Treichler. Treichler plays bass on the track and Nathan Saffold, aka Dr. Chicago, plays piano. Evan Opitz plays guitar, Emily Otnes provides the angelic background vocals, and Reggie Chapman and Marcus Tenney are on horns.


For more information and to view the new ‘Do Them Thangs’ video, visit:


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Standing 6’5”, Bardo’s towering physical presence is only reduced by the colossal size and complexity of his music. Bardo is an enigmatic musician and producer who set his sights on reaching the upper echelons of music. Armed with undeniable talent and an unparalleled work ethic, Bardo spends most of his days creating complex arrangements that satiate his fans’ desire for authentic, well-produced music. Born in Atlanta and raised in Chicago, and abroad in Japan, Italy and Spain, Bardo sees the world through a unique prism—something that’s reflected in his music. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, Bardo understands that music is the universal language, and creating music is his gift.

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