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  1. No matter what feelings you have for today’s current hip-hop artists, you must respect what they create when they put their talents together for the positive! Big Sean featuring Kanye West and John LegendOne Man Can Change the World

  2. [IG Pick – @TurlyLiving]: It’s quite coincidental that I actually came across this next artist on an IG post of her impersonating Beyonce. Around the same time, I stumbled onto my cousin’s IG and screenshot her post of a song I had never heard. As I researched, I realized they were the same person! Meet the vine sensation Skye Townsend, who just dropped an EP in February. Here is her title track, Rocking Chairs. #G33kin or nah???

  3. MackWilds isn’t done putting his stamp on the music industry quite yet. Here delivers a new track called, Girls Playin’ Tricks.

  4. Can’t forget to put you on to the artists I have the pleasure of working with personally. MsBriaMarie always puts on a dope show and she just dropped a new single. Let me note, Tell the DJ is an ode to all the legendary DJ’s originating the tables.  You want it, grab it on iTunes!

  5. This last one is a wild card I just noticed on a completely different hunt. I can honestly say the thing that finally hooked me in was the production of the beat on the track Confessions. Check out the whole project, B-Sides, though.
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