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It’s the new year, let’s start off strong with new music for the week!

  1. I want to start the list off with a shocker, N.E.R.D. As we all know, Pharrell became a solo artist and after that, things slowed down for the crew. What would it take to bring them back together to put some music out? SPONGEBOB, apparently. Check this out:
  2. I can’t say I legitimately think the rappers that currently fill the airwaves are good. Most are just good for a banging beat and a catchy lyric for the turnup. Wale on the other hand, I thoroughly enjoy–both the turn up and the consciousnesses. He recently dropped a new project, Festivus. We #g33kin or nah? P.s. I’ve been seeing the cover graphic all over my timeline!Wale – Festivus
  3. How on earth did we end up at a time when Madonna and Nicki Minajmight jump on a track and produce this ratcheness?
  4. Ne-Yo has been making moves behind the scenes and in the lime light in general for some time. I can’t say the Arkansas native’s personal projects have necessarily been great in recent times, but I just keep an ear to his grind. Here is his newest track.
  5. The Dream was my hitta. I can sing the words to entirely too many of his songs. I know the industry is a complicated playground, but I am glad to see him back in action on the front line. Featuring T.I., here is his new single That’s My Shit.
  6. Remakes and samples can be sticky territory. Do you think this Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” inspired track, Somebody, did justice? Natelie La Rose and  Jeremihweren’t necessarily my first picks.
  7. And finally, Lil Wayne has clearly been in a weird place with Young Money and his contract based on his tweets and recent news. Interestingly enough, he is currently featured in the new Master P collab with GangstaAce B.Power.

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