Dope Night
  • Dope Night

Dope Night

Price $25.00

Standard Dope Music Bracelet made with shiny and matte black glass beads.

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About Us

Dope Music is on a dope mission to accessorize musicians and music lovers beginning in the Tri-State area, and trickling all over the globe!

Our jewels are hand-crafted under an umbrella that encompasses beauty, music, and fashion. We are an eco-friendly company who uses recycled denim, and sometimes donated beads and charms. We sow positive messages on beautiful and affordable jewelry to uplift starving artists, who oftentimes uplift listeners.

Music heals the soul, and feeling/looking good go hand-in-hand! Our plan is to donate to causes and foundations that are dear to us, including HIV and Aids, Cancer, as well as the Autism. We strongly believe in keeping God first because he is the creator, of the creators, of Dope Music!